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List your items on Poshmark and Mercari like a super reseller


Re-list Your Items

Re-list your items on Poshmark and Mercari with a single click. Re-list a single item or multiple items in bulk. Use the re-listing feature to refresh your stale listings and get your items sold faster than ever.


Duplicate Your Listings

Duplicate your listings on Poshmark and Mercari with a single click. Duplicate a single listing or multiple listings in bulk. Use the duplicating feature to craft listings easily and quickly for the similar or same items you are selling.


Schedule Your Postings

Schedule your postings with a single click to be published on Poshmark and Mercari in a date and time you select. Schedule a single posting or multiple postings in bulk for re-listing/duplicating/deleting. Use the scheduling feature to refresh your listings on a regular basis and hands-free.

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One single subscription for unlimited use. PrimeLister comes with a fixed price at the cost of a cup of coffee per day. Start or cancel your subscription anytime you want.

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Re-List Items (Single & Bulk)

Duplicate Listings (Single&Bulk)

Schedule Postings

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1900+ successful Poshmark and Mercari sellers trust PrimeLister to increase their sales revenue and save time.

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